*new* – Destination Change

Do you want to master the art of followership?
Do you want to start a change campaign?
Or get new ideas on a current campaign?

Meet “Destination Change”, a unique workshop that gives you insights and hands-on tools to:
– improve campaign goals and targets
– map important connections and relationships
– develop strategies and tools to build, nourish and strengthen those relationships
– make successful progress on your change campaigns.

The workshop comes in the following formats.
– Half a day initiation training
– Full day project development
– Project coaching package (project development day + follow up coaching)
– Tailored approach for your organization

Do you want to know more about how “Destination Change” can make a difference for you and your campaigns?
Call Hannes Couvreur +32 472 50 90 76.
– Or send an email to superblyhuman-at-gmail-dot-com.

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