Who we are

Hannes Couvreur

In short …

  • Over the past six years Hannes merged his passions for stories, creativity, people, (non-violent) communication and change into his current profession as a coach and facilitator.

Clients appreciate …

  • Clients appreciate Hannes his care and empathy, his persistence, his human-centered approach to change, his solution focused attitude, his optimism, his honesty and his uplifting spirit.

The key to his approach is …

  • Training clients to develop hands-on solutions for change that build upon their own experience, expertise, resources and insights. Every one has something superbly human.

Carreer path …

  • Founder of and solution focused coach and process facilitator at Superbly Human
  • Process facilitator at Change Designers
  • Copywriter and concept developer at Change Designers / Big Bazart
  • Copywriter and concept developer at Choco
  • Copywriter and concept developer Group Van Damme
  • editor, researcher, journalist at Klara (VRT)
  • Additional Master in Journalism (Erasmushogeschool Brussel)
  • Master in German philology (Dutch and English) (University of Ghent)
  • + guest lecturer at several colleges
  • Cognitive Solution Focused Therapy (in training) (Korzybski Institute Bruges)

Skills …

  • Skills: listening, empathy, patience and persistence, solution focused coaching, facilitating, non-violent communication, brainstorming, namestorming, framestorming, strategic thinking, humour, playfulness

Personalia …

  • Father of Odette, married to Lore, makes Chinese ink drawings, likes basketball, Dave McKean, playing, TED, buddhism, …

Gossip …


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