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Superbly Human coach Hannes Couvreur is proud to be a core-member of the Ilfaro team, a group of professionally trained and experienced Solution Focused coaches and trainers.

At Ilfaro we focus on “the art of solution focused collaboration” and on “the creation of resilient workplaces”. We have the ambition to be the reference in Belgium when it comes to solution focused and resilience coaching and training.

Ilfaro trains and coaches higher management, team managers, consultants, counsellors, leaders, teams and other professionals both in profit and non-profit organizations.

We offer both in-company and open trainings on various subjects and skills. You can find a complete overview of products and services on our website:

For more information on ILFARO contact

  • Liselotte Baeijaert (, + 32  477 89 35 43)
  • Anton Stellamans (, + 32 477 69 56 93)
  • Hannes Couvreur (, + 32 472 50 90 76)

A bit of history:

Ilfaro is a national and internationally acclaimed coaching and training agency. Ilfaro was founded in 2007 by Liselotte Baeijaert and Anton Stellamans. Before she founded Ilfaro Liselotte Baeijeart had already made a career as a Human Resources Development coach and facilitator (at ING and AGF and as the owner of the Institute for Competence Development). Her business partner Anton Stellamans started his career as a researcher at the Centre for Peace Research and Strategic Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven and as a solution focused coach and therapist. Both Liselotte and Anton are highly regarded members of the international community of solution focused coaches and trainers.
Liselotte and Anton have consistently surrounded them with high-level coaches and trainers to support them with their coaching, training and facilitation assignments, both in Belgium and abroad.
Liselotte Baeijeart and Anton Stellamans, Resilient People, Resilient Teams. Inspiring You and Your Team to Cope Effectively with Change and Adversity. Ilfaro (2011) 100pp.
To order your copy send an email at including your contact information.

These clients have experienced the power and inspiring nature of Ilfaro:
ABVV * Alcatel Lucent * Alcon Netherlands * Belgacom * Bristol-Myers Squibb * Cador * Cargill * Consultatiebureaus Vlaanderen * Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel * Frisk * Fortis * GTB * Heilig Hartinstituut Heverlee * Janssen Animal Health * Janssen Pharmaceutica * KBC * Kluwer * Catholic University Leuven * Levanto * Lodewijk De Raet stichting * Markant – Netwerk van ondernemende vrouwen * Ministry of the Flemish Community * National Bank of Belgium * Phoenix Executive Search * Pilar * Pigmentt * Pioneer * Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen * Samenlevingsopbouw Vlaanderen * SD WORX * Skynet * Sofia * Stebo * Tabor * Tintelijn * Tisl Genk * UCBO * VCOB * Vlaamse Overheid * VLP * Volvo Cars * WVVH

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