7E expert

We can offer you, your team and organization exclusive expertise and training on working with the ©Change Designers 7E-framework.

This unique framework was developed in 2009 by the Belgian social marketing agency Change Designers. It is now used by several organizations and governmental agencies throughout the country. Superbly Human coach Hannes Couvreur was the one who first developed the 7E model into a workshop (2009-2010). So far he has offered 7E-workshops to +150 representatives of different organizations and companies.

Today Superbly Human offers 7E-workshops and 7E-trainings to help you develop your change campaigns.

We are also a preferred partner of Shortcut-Change Designers, a premium agency for your social marketing and communication campaigns.

More information on Shortcut-Change Designers: www.shortcut.be

More information on 7E-workshops and 7E-trainings:

  • send an email to superblyhuman-at-gmail-dot-com
  • call Hannes Couvreur + 32 472 50 90 76

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