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superbly human is moving

Dear reader,

Within a couple of days this blog will move to ““.

From then on the urls and will redirect you to my new website, currently only in Dutch (English version coming by the end of the summer). (For those of you who are curious: you can already take a look at it here – many thanks to emOy & Notoir for web&graphic design)

The new Dutch website will include a brand new blog (in Dutch).

The new English website (due to this summer) will include most of  this blog’s original posts as well as some brand new ones.

Hope to see you there as well.



A little Present

Love today what you would like to bring with you tomorrow. I wrote it down for the first time in this post.

And the more I think about it, the more it becomes clear that this is really at the heart of what I do.

I help people to deal with their challenges by using questions to nudge them to love today what they would like to bring with them tomorrow, so that tomorrow is at least as ok or perhaps already a little bit better than today.

And I continue to do so until the client finds himself at the point that he feels ok with how things are today, ok with his own ability to prepare for tomorrow by paying attention to what matters today.

And that’s it. You can try it for yourself if you like.

Here are some questions to get you started.

  1. Suppose tomorrow is a really great day for you …
  2. What would tell you this is a great day for you?
  3. What would tell others this is a great day for you?
  4. How would this also be a great day for others?
  5. What would have to be different? What would be gone?
  6. What would have to be the same? What would still be there?
  7. If 1 is the worst day you can possibly imagine and 10 is that really great day, where would you say you are today?
  8. What makes you are already there? What / who has helped you to get there?
  9. What will definitely be there tomorrow as well?
  10. Suppose within the next couple of days you would find yourself a little bit higher upon the scale. How would you notice? What would tell you that that day is actually a little bit better than today, a little bit closer to that 10?
  11. So what could you take care of today so that tomorrow is at least as ok as today, perhaps already even a little bit better?

Feel free to use these questions in your own trainings of workshops, but be kind enough to credit this blog and this work which is to a large extent inspired by the solution focused community. It would be great if you could also refer for example to the work of Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer. Their work and boldness and joy in life have made a lot of what I enjoy today possible.

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