Make people look good and they will make you look better.

“There is an ethic that’s been around since the Industrial Revolution (…), and it’s this: it’s More, Bigger, Faster. That is the ethic we’ve been operating on for an incredibly long time now. (…) But here’s the problem with that. There comes a point when we discover that the resources available to do this, reach a limit.” (Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project at Wisdom 2.0 2011 – the video of the full talk is at the bottom of this post)

How often do you hear that your employees or colleagues will need more time or more resources to complete what you or others demand from them?

While training people or while facilitating groups in change projects, I hear this a lot, not to say all the time.

People are faced with demands that do not take into account their resources. And that is demotivating.

It is not the increase of demand that will show people the way to new strengths and resources or insights.

Increase of demand is simply an occasion which may lead to that outcome only

  • if people can start making progress through the use of resources which are readily available to them,
  • if people consider the desired outcome to be realistic and in some way achievable,
  • if they understand somehow that failing is an option, although not a preferred one.
Here is a warning.
Bluntly building up pressure may result in people running out of their resources much sooner than they discover new ones which make them rise above themselves.
If you want the short version:
  • Make your people look good and they will make you and your organization look better.

Have a nice week folks!

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