What is coaching bis: superficial (because that’s where it happens)

“Ok, coaching. Then you must be a psychologist.” (Read: you must be able to dig deep into the mind and soul of your client.)

No I am not.

As much as I am interested in the human psyche (not as a general assumption but in its particular manifestations of every single person I meet), ‘digging deep’ in a client’s psyche by the means of all sorts of mental constructs I use to reveal some sort of hidden clue to a magical solution has not worked for me nor the client (so far).

Why? Because that sort of deepness is simply another imaginary layer or construct I add to the conversation obscuring what the client is actually telling me. Trying to be clever simply keeps me from picking up the real clues the client (and his or her system) is offering me.

Colleague Paolo Terni formulates it rather well:

“In Solution-Focus circles we like to travel light in the realm of assumptions and explanations. We like to stay in the conversation, as it happens, without adding anything.”

“Because it is in the Clients’ worldview, expressed in their own words, from their unique perspectives, based on their experiences, where sustainable and long-lasting solutions are found.”


One thought on “What is coaching bis: superficial (because that’s where it happens)

  1. Paolo Terni says:

    Hi Hannes,
    thanks for mentioning me again.

    I love to be superficial in this sense! 🙂


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