My favorite talks at TEDxFlanders 2011: John Hunter and the World Peace Game

“‘Oh, but one thing … What do I do?’ And her answer was in the form of a question and that question changed my entire life. It changed everything. It set the stage and it set the template for everything that was to follow in my teaching. She said to me: ‘What do you want to do?’. She didn’t give me a directive, a mandate, a manual to follow. She cleared an empty space and said: ‘What do you think you should do?’.” (John Hunter)

And out of this emptiness came “The World Peace” game, a wonderful role playing game developed by John Hunter. Hunter invites primary school children to ‘rule a country’, having to overcome multiple and complex global challenges, or rather ‘learn to live’ with them since overcoming is actually almost impossible.

To me Hunter is like the teacher whose memory make your eyes sparkle again because he or she brought out the best in you. And to me, that is what this game is truly about, about giving young people the opportunity to bring out the best in them and in others, while also allowing the full scope of human behavior to emerge. A truly superbly human way of building trust, resilience and faith with upcoming generations of world-citizens.

“But yet they’re so afraid they may fail. But we have relationship. And there’s a trust there. And with that trust they feel they can attempt it safely. They are allowed to fail as many times as they wish. Because that’s a part of life.”
(John Hunter)

The rest is up to John Hunter to tell you.


Who is John Hunter?

“A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, John Hunter is a gifted and award-winning teacher and educational consultant who has dedicated his life to helping children realize their full potential. He has combined his teaching and artistic talents to develop unique teaching programs using multimedia software in creative writing and film courses. He traveled and studied comparative religions and philosophy throughout Japan, India and China.” (source:

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