My favorite talks at TEDxFlanders 2011: Jamie Anderson on The Art of Followership

Jamie Anderson just nails it.

“We’ve got it wrong on social media. (…) These experts talk about social media like something that you do to people. But as we know of course social media is actually about relationships. Relationships are never something you do to someone. Relationships are things you do with someone or with other people. (…) It’s not about social media, it’s actually about something more profound than that. And the term I like to use is followership.”

Followership according to Jamie Anderson is

– to tell people who you are (know who you are, where you come from, what you stand for and project that image)
– to tell people what we are together (the collective, people want significance and they want to be part of your journey, a sense of belonging)
– to tell people where we are going (an electrifying future, accountability and taking an ownership)

Finally, Jamie concludes with one simple but powerful assignment:

“I want you to ask the person next to you: ‘Why should I follow you?’ (…) Because followership is not just about people like this: Lady Gaga, Mahatma Ghandi, Steve Jobs. It’s about people like us.”

Who is Jamie Anderson?
“Jamie Anderson is Professor of Strategic Management at Antwerp Management School. Recently named as a “management guru” by the Financial Times, he has also been included on a list of the world’s “top 25 management thinkers” by the journal Business Strategy Review. Jamie’s research and teaching focuses on the interconnectedness between leadership, strategy and change, and he has advised a range of Fortune 500 firms on approaches to corporate renewal.” (source:

Do you want to improve your art of followership?
Superbly Human now offers you “Destination Change” (link), a unique workshop that gives you hands-on tools and experience to map and nourish the relationships needed to increase your followership on different types of projects (change-campaigns, team-building, platform-building, etc.)

For more information: call Hannes Couvreur +32 472 50 90 76 or send an email to superblyhuman-at-gmail-dot-com.

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