Characteristics of the essentialist by Csikszentmihalyi?

It was a nice coincidence.

A few hours after writing the previous post on the Essentialist, we had the honor of doing an interview with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and afterwards attend his lecture at the 12th European Conference on Creativity and Innovation here in Faro, Portugal. He’s an authority on the concept of flow and positive psychology.

In his talk Csikszentmihalyi elaborated on the characteristics of what he called people being able of making creative differences with a big C. These were the characteristics.

He noticed that these people (amongst whom there were lots of Nobel Prize winners) were very complex characters.

These persons were highly paradoxical, displaying a lot of paradoxical characteristics such as:

1. Great energy, vitality, “bounce” + ability to rest, sleep at will
2. Smartness, convergent thinking + naiveté, childishness, divergent thinking
3. Playfulness, openness to experience + discipline, responsibility
4. Imagination, fantasy + reality oriented
5. Extroverted, sociable + introverted, solitary
6. ambitious, proud, competitive + humble, selfless, cooperative
7. sensitive, feminine + adventurous, masculine
8. traditional, conservative / rebellious, iconoclastic
9. attached, involved, passionate + detached, aloof, objective
10. suffering, vulnerable, insecure + joyful, strong, self-confident

Know any people who fit this description? What makes them stand out?

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