Superbly Human era?

A few days ago, I found this article in Fastcompany, thanks to Koen Peeters“For Brands, Being Human is the New Black”.

Apparently  IDEO communications designer Elle Luna told a standing-room-only crowd at The Designer Fund’s first-ever Designer Fair:

“Today, brands are becoming more and more like humans,” Luna said. “They’re taking on more and more human-like traits.”

As an example, she refers to Patagonia’s Footprint Chronicles, explaining that

‘[t]he notable thing about what Patagonia is doing here is they’re not saying, ‘Hey look, we’re great.’ They’re saying, ‘Hey look, here’s where we are, and here’s what we’d like to be doing better,’” Luna said. “In their willingness to show the less desirable parts of their brand, they were making a much bigger win with consumers. They were coming across as seeming honest.”’

Reading this made me excitingly happy. Those of you who know the credo of this blog will most likely understand why.

And then I hadn’t even read the final part of the article which you can find here (at Fastcompany’s website).

Although authenticity has been a buzzword for over a decade now, it strikes me at how unauthentic brands still communicate nowadays. Whatever business you are in, it’s always a people’s business in the end.

People like Elle Luna and many others are showing and have shown that there’s true beauty and power in understanding and validating our humanity within everything we do.

Human traits allow for connection (o wait, wasn’t that a buzz word as well?).

Think about it. How many of you would like to be married to a superhero for real? How inconvenient would that be living together with someone who embodies – say – an inhuman form of perfection?

I truly hope I get the chance to sit down one day with Elle Luna and others at IDEO and talk about the wonders of all these superbly human heroes I continue to meet every single day, people and organisations who successfully manage to deal with the multitude of challenges we face in everyday life, paving the pathway for others to stand on their shoulders and make those kind of breakthroughs we call ‘heroic’.

Make no mistake. If it weren’t for these superbly human giants, those so-called tipping-point heroes would go unnoticed.

And so would their achievements (am I referring to the Steve Jobs-praise here? Maybe…).

PS: by the way, comic writer Grant Morrisson has just published a great book called “Supergods. Our world in the age of the superhero.” I’ve only read the first chapter but Morrisson’s take on why superheroes appeal to us and why they can be useful adds yet another inspiring perspective to the Superbly Human-story.


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