Super Cooperators

This talk by Martin Nowak, author of Supercooperators, has raised some questions for me, to which I’m eager to try and find out the answer.

– What if people knew that in their team cooperation would always continue to wax and wane according to the cycle Nowak describes (we defect, we do tit for tat, we do generous tit for tat (we forgive your mistakes but on the condition of), we cooperate generously, we defect, …)? Would that make the striving for the perfect cooperative team less frustrating since the perfect cooperative team would be a team that goes through this cycle in a certain way instead of a team where people are similarly cooperative all the time?

– Could it be that a good strategy to achieve successful cooperation would be to have as many occasions for cooperation with a group or a person as possible?

– Could it be that the combination of this framework with resilience (the ability to deal with the setbacks in the cycle – maybe through cooperation) and solution focus (the specific attention directed approach where we look to do more of things that work, to invite change by increasing the possibility to reproduce positive exceptions and to divert from strategies that don’t work) could lead to a very powerful and rewarding framework to explore cooperation and change in large groups?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about these.

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