Difference – solworld2011 poem


If life’s a quest, where should it end
what should we find, or understand
to make it stop, and just go on
with all the things that don’t go wrong?

How would we know that we would see
this hidden thing, reality, how
would we act upon this world

both strange and so well known
yet hard to call
what we call home

this goddamned place
where we get lost
with every night we go to sleep
where waking up just never ends
and nothing’s there
just there to keep?

If life’s a question can you tell
what’s there to answer
that makes it worth
to live our lives and live them well?

What if the answer’s in between
not even a thing there to be seen
what if there is nothing else to find
besides the kindness in mankind?

Dedicated to Nora, Gregory and all other solworld2011 participants.
Originally performed at the 2011 solworld conference in Balatonfüred together with Mark McKergow on clarinette.

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