The rightness of being wrong

“Think about what it means to feel right. It means that you believe that your beliefs just perfectly reflect reality. And when you feel that way, you’ve got a problem to solve, which is: how are you going to explain all those people who disagree with you? 
It turns out most of us explain those people the same way, by resorting to a series of unfortunate assumptions: these people are ignorant, these people are idiots, these people are evil.” (Kathryn Schulz)

Being Wrong blog

Within three weeks I’ll be delivering a workshop on how to design an effective social (not social media) marketing campaign in an solution focused way. What it actually boils down to is reframing rightness and wrongness into probability and opportunities, a shift from a landscape full of obstacles and resistance to a map of resources and invitations for discovery and wonder.

Or to say it with the words of A. Korzybski “The map is not the territory”, and thank goodness there will always be a world left to discover.

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