The likable of the unlikely likable

If you want to spend more of your time on doing things you like, why not begin by starting to like what you already do and go from there?

That’s basically the bottom line of a train conversation I just had about the value of meditation. Although I may be slightly biased by Steven Harrison’s delightful book Getting to where you are, this pretty much sums up the experience of my musings through the curious land of meditation and other mindfilling activities.

The guy I was talking to was wondering whether he shouldn’t be more aware. But what are you doing when you’re not aware? You’re doing anything but dying are you (although some Tibetan monks describe life as one splendid exercise in dying)? So although it’s not the most satisfying thing you’re doing, it’s still making sense in one way or another.

And maybe, just maybe what you’re doing is not the best way to fulfill the needs you’re trying to fulfill, but in the mean time it’s still proof that you’re actually paying tributes to those needs of you and those of others.

What if you can acknowledge that right now? What if you could already allow yourself to seize some of the grains of satisfaction that are lying there?

It might just be what you need to grow your daily activities into something you’d never expect to happen.

After all, ” we don’t know what our goals are. We learn them only in the process of getting there. You don’t know what the baby is going to become. Therefore, you wait and take good care of it until it becomes what it will.”

Those are not my words. They are Milton Erickson’s.

But so far, I cannot find any one who has proven him wrong so far.


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