Want to benefit from SOLworld 2011 from your home seat?

Here’s your chance!

In May I’ll be participating in the 10th SOLworld Annual Conference which is taking place in Blatonfüred, Hungary. At this year’s conference we’ll be focusing on ‘Discovering treasures in organisations’.

Now I’d like to offer you the opportunity to join me at the conference through this blog. Due to financial restrictions I cannot offer you a free trip or a discount to the conference, so I came up with the following alternative.

Knowing that we’ll be looking at ‘discovering treasures in organisations’, I would like to know what you want to find out about this theme.

So here’s the deal: you tell me what you would like to know about the conference theme and how this would be useful to you.
I’ll select at least three questions and I promise you to look at the conference through your eyes, trying to find an answer to your question.

If you like I can ask your question to other experts at the conference.

After the conference, I will post the answers on this blog.

This way, I hope to offer you an alternative, inexpensive yet valuable opportunity to benefit from this year’s SOLworld Annual Conference.

So: again, what would you like to find out about ‘discovering treasures in organisations’?

You can post your questions as a comment to this post.

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