Question 2

The question I would like to be asked today is:

“How did you manage to accept the compliments of your colleague without while showing your appreciation for what she said?”

What question would you like to be asked?


2 thoughts on “Question 2

  1. meri walker says:

    Your question is unclear… did you mean to say “while showing your appreciation…” or “without showing your appreciation?” Both are interesting questions ;^) but quite different, I think…

    • Thanks for the remark Meri. It should have said ‘while’. I usually feel the urge to protest when someone compliments me. Yet little by little I’ve found ways to accept them and feel comfortable with them. How I managed? By remembering something I learned from Marshall Rosenberg. I answer the compliment by expressing how it makes me feel and how hearing that compliment helps me.

      How about you?

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