Why waste is a good thing

The first success is always born out of an ocean of failure, isn’t it?

With all this talking about how we have to change fast in order to preserve this earth as a quite hospitable place for our species to live, I’m under the impression that we’re looking for an evolution or a change without waste.

In other words, we’re looking for a clean transformation from ocean to mainland overnight. (*)

That’s not likely happen.

What’s far more likely to happen is that we’ll take a lot of small steps to get there, and we’ll do so gradually and massively.

This means at first that our failure rate – and hence our waste of time and effort – may be rather high.

In other words, in the mean time, it’ll be a mess and there’ll be a lot of waste.

But there’s another way to look at this, though.

What if every failure isn’t an effort lost but rather one step closer to the tipping point, the point where your success is no longer an aberration, but rather a relative certainty?

What if with every failure you’re getting closer to the point where your success is no longer an isolated island in a vast ocean, but an archipelago bound to stay above the surface?

One of my friends once told me to look at resistance as manure. The plants that don’t make it can still feed their fellows who may make it one day. That is, if you allow them to do so. (Makes me wonder how many unseen flowers it take to make one flower blossom…).

Wouldn’t that be a nicer way to look at the way we’re struggling with today’s challenges?

P.S.: all credits to Stowe Boyd who inspired me to write this post:

(*) Solution Focused coaches call this the solution forced approach. It’s likely to fail and to lead to disappointment. Instead we look for the best possible step forward, i.e. a step which is small enough to be successful, positively defined, real, challenging enough to invest some time and effort. If you fail at this step, nothing’s lost. Instead you’ve probably received a valuable indication for designing your next small step.


2 thoughts on “Why waste is a good thing

  1. Meri Walker says:

    Crazy about this post!!! It’s been awhile since you’ve landed in my line of sight. Looks like your SF studies are bearing rich fruits!

    More, more!

    • Hey Meri,

      What a lovely comment. You’ve really made my day. Yes, SF studies are paying off :). Just teamed up with a team of wonderful first-class SF-professionals @ http://www.ilfaro.be as well.

      How are you doing?

      I’d love to know what in the post it was that inspired you, in order to properly meet your request about writing more of this stuff :).

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