The blind spot of a passion seeker

Couple at the Moma admiring Jackson Pollock ©lamazone

This is a story about passion and about how being superbly human can help you discover your true passions.

Suppose you are looking for a passion in your life. Do you know what to look for?

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about being passionate. She told me she longed for a passion for something. I was surprised by her remark. How could she long for a passion for something? I always knew her as a woman who had ventured into many different sports and hobbies, already from her early childhood. What I admired about her was that whatever she did, she completely went for it. And from what I know, she is everything but average.

She is also very up front. No way she can hide her emotions. She always tends to feel very strong about something whether she likes it or not, whether it makes her happy or sad.

Now why would she long for passion? I could not figure it out. And talking about it only made it worse. I kept wondering: what about the things you are already doing? What about the things you did in the past? Weren’t you passionate about them?

Apparently not.

What she saw as a passion was something that others could benefit from, something that would give her energy and pleasure, something – well – simple in a sense, or should I say, obvious in the way that it feels so natural to do that doing it is really paying a wonderful tribute to who you are.

Now think about this.

What she longs for is actually a way of ‘being herself’.

Can you be anything but yourself? I believe you can’t. I believe you can tell yourself you are far from being who you really are and do a good job at it. Sure. But whatever happens, you are here the way you are here and that is who you are (for the time being). And that is just fine.

Could it be that finding a passion is exactly that: finding something that or someone who helps you appreciate you as who you are, here and now?

Which brings me to the following questions:

1. Would you recognize a passion if you had one?
2. How would appreciating who you are here and now change the way you would answer this question?

Let me know what you think.

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