You’ve already done something great

Reaching Out - Geeky Style ©Lamazone

The beauty of solution focused work is that it shows you that no problem has existed 24/7 for ever and ever with the same intensity.

Even when you’re suffering from chronic pain or from another difficult condition, there are times when the intensity of the pain is less, or when you’re thinking about something else. Maybe it is just when you’re sleeping or taking a shower. Maybe it’s when you’re watching cars go by. Or when you’re listening to the ticking of the clock.

These are your solutions. These are things you’ve worked out, things you’ve successfully managed to pull off even when times were hard.

Whatever these small solutions (or exceptions as we call them) are, they are important.

Whatever your problem is, they prove that you’ve already done something right before. (Chances are you’re still doing these things occasionally without even noticing it.) They can grow in something truly marvelous, by paying attention to them and showing appreciation.

What about helping you rediscover what already helps, and find out how you can do more of it, maybe by accessing the same source of creativity that enabled you to come up with these other solutions that worked?

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