Make it happen – Live from ECCI XI + Interview with Edward De Bono


Thanks to the people from FlandersDC I will be attending the 11th European Conference on Creativity and Innovation. Expecting lots of inspiration and new ideas for this blog.

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This year’s edition of ECCI is taking place in Brussels, at the brand new meeting place The Square. Great venue, if you ask me.

Getting ready for creative action
“Enough said about creative theory, it’s time for some creative action.” Talking about creativity is interesting but also frustrating. When attending creativity talks I often went home with lots of great advice, but those were just words. In the end putting these ideas into practice is what counts.

Not in this conference. Apparently, ECCI XI is all about making it happen.

Here great advice and practice should go hand in hand. Apart from the keynotes (more about that further on) there are a bunch of workshops to get us started.

Here’s my pick for the next 3 (!) days.

Day 1:

  • 11u00: Virginia Stephen, “When Artist, Executive, Educator and Facilitator Converge: Visual Literacy Becomes a Dynamic Idea Mover” OR Jana Görs, “Five Theseses for Improving the Outcome of the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation – How to Launch a Bird, not an Egg.”
  • 14u30: Sandra Minnee, “Creating Acceptance for Change: Mastering Conflicts”
  • 16u30: Marc Bogaert – Luc De Schryver, “From Intention to Innovation: How a Company’s Cultural DNA can bridge the Gap between Innovation, Intentions and Results.”

Day 2:

  • 11u00: Marcel van der Pol, “The Story of the Hero: Finding Treasures and Making Ideas Work”
  • 14u30: Maureen Jenkins, “Regenerating Sources of Creativity – Your Personal Disciplines”
  • 16u30: Stavros Michailidis – Donald M. Drost, “Make it Happen with Momentum”

Day 3:

  • 11u00: Dorte Blegind, “Coaching as a Tool for Successful Implementation of innovative Projects”

Keynote speakers + Interview with Edward De Bono

pic-edward-de-bonoEvery great conference has interesting keynote speakers. I’m looking forward to the talks of Alberto Alessi, Kobus Neethling and Edward De Bono.

Thanks to Koen Peeters of Flanders DC I get the opportunity to do an interview with The Maltese Guru of Lateral Thinking: Edward De Bono. The interview will be published on this blog, later this week.

Earlier today I asked you to send me your questions for Mr. De Bono.

These are the questions I’ve selected for the interview:

– Is creativity a science or can it be a science? (Batist Vermeulen, Art Director @ Jetstream / Ceci n’est pas de l’art)
– What would you recommend to diplomats of the Copenhagen Summit? (Leen Creve, Journalist @ Knack Weekend)
– For people who feel they have a book or two in them, what would you recommend they do to get it written and out to read? (Bernd Nurnberger, Cocreatr @ Purple Pointr)

Thanks for the great questions tweeps!

Stay tuned.

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