The message is: you’re the medium part 3

This post is a follow-up of this post and this post.

I sometimes wonder whether inter-being means that there is no such thing as an active or a passive state. When all things are connected, is your life being lead or can you have free will? I think this is a question asked from the point of view of the meaningful self. It starts from a perceived illusion. For a meaningful self as described by Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am” free will is the ultimate evidence of self-realisation, of proof that you are here.

How can that be true if there are always things in life which you can’t consciously control? It also implies that the absence of free will is a bad thing, but your eyes see and hear without you consciously wanting it. They help you avoid collision when you’re driving a bike. It’s no ‘free will’ but it’s not a bad thing either, is it?

Descartian logic is also trapped in the following paradox: you can only be a free and independent you from others or regarding others. To me, this is inter-being. Every act towards free will is at least inspired by the world around you.

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