The message is: you’re the medium part 2

This post is a follow-up of yesterday’s post.

All of us are meaningful, since all of us are constantly in the middle. We are in a state of permanent connection. We are always in touch.

You are meaningful, because it is through you that the world connects. It is through you that life as such makes its complete and full sense. The same goes for every single part of you. Look for example at how every part of your body holds the rest of the body together. But the same goes also for every part outside your body.

The more you are aware of your being here, the more you can transform yourself and your world around you into a path of insight, into a possibility to transform this world into a meaningful world.

When you allow yourself to tap into that world of inter-connectedness and be in between or inter-be, you can actually access that meaningfulness, or even better, allow that meaningfulness to access you.

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4 thoughts on “The message is: you’re the medium part 2

  1. Zofie says:

    We ARE all connected.

  2. Meri Walker says:

    PS, For the last two decades, I’ve been consulting, coaching, and training people “Between the Lines.” I chose to name my practice this for precisely the reasons you’re articulating in your recent musings about “meaning.” Everything that matters (which I call relationship) happens “between the lines.” At least that’s the way I look at things…

  3. Meri Walker says:

    How utterly delightful to have found a connection to you and your thinking. You’re lighting up my mornings with your clarity-practice! My sense of meaning and connection is nourished every time I read one of your posts. You have a different way of saying things I say and I love that!

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