What’s your Secret Underworld?

I found this video on Cecilia Weckström’s blog. I kind of recognize my dad and possibly my future me in this guy. My dad never took the passion that far – we didn’t have a basement and the spare room was already taken with my own LEGO landscapes – but still.

I remember one night my dad started building a city in my bedroom on a wooden board on wheels. Of course it got late and I had to go to bed, but my dad didn’t leave the room before he had finished the city. It’s only then that I thought that it may be possible to build Rome in one day after all.

Beside the LEGO-memory, I was also moved by the passion in this story. The joy expressed here comes from a guy who suddenly connects with a whole society of LEGO-fans like him. These people enjoy the simple fact that they can enter a world where they can build stuff, design stuff and invent stuff without anyone else telling them it’s stupid, silly, childish or impossible. It’s a tribe within which its members simply say: this is what we do, and we love it.

It tells me a great deal about nurturing creativity. You can be as creative as you want, it’s no use if you can’t express your creativity in a tribe however small it may be, a tribe which you trust to be receptive and open to what you do.

Man, what an enthusiasm. I love it.

I wonder where you have found your Secret Underworld? And when did you (re)discover it?

For starters: mine is in basketball I guess. I played it for sixteen years. And only recently I started shooting hoops again on a field just a few blocks away. It felt like coming home. Great to shoot hoops, jump around, try silly moves, play games, … .

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