All your campaign needs is … silence

“The goal should not be to ad to the unwantedness, but to create deliberate and appreciate value” (Helge Tenno)

What is it that people want most? That depends on the context, but in general what people want most is what is the least available.

So take this to the advertising clutter and what do you get?


Consumers don’t want more messages nor more mumbo-jumbo trying to reach them at every possible time in every possible way.

What consumers really want is a message that creates time and space for them to relax and to listen to something which

a) removes the clutter
b) gives them air to breath (physically and mentally)
c) adds something valuable to their lives

What does this imply?

It means you should take a new approach to your campaign.

It means that you should pay as much attention to creating context as you’re paying to delivering and designing the message in itself.

Create clutterfree context and you’ll be able to add more weight to your message.

In a sense it’s about shifting from the medium is the message to …

… your message contains the medium for the message.

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One thought on “All your campaign needs is … silence

  1. Meri Walker says:

    So right. And so simply said. I really like the directions you’re pursuing and the way you’re dancing around these themes.

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