Dreaming the life vs living the dream

Are you dreaming the life? Or are you living the dream?

Do you complain to other people about what other people do to you? Or do you talk directly to the people who’re annoying you?

In other words, are you taking responsibility for your feelings?

Listening to other people’s complaints is fine with me, especially when people need to get something of their chest.

But what I don’t like is people who come back to whine about the same person all over again, while refusing to tell him / her how they really feel about the situation.

“They should know better.” Nine out of ten “they” don’t. And nine out of ten, “they” are not the ones to blame for it. Neither are the people who complain.

You see, having a wish is real for you, but it’s not likely to happen until you share it with the outside world. Thinking and complaining about how another person should respect you is real for you – and so are your feelings – but improvement is not likely to happen if you keep your griefs from that same person. Then you’re dreaming the life while you actually want to live the dream (like every one else does).

Not all people share the same dream. But we can’t figure out how to help each other living our dreams if we don’t share them to each other.

I know I can’t make my dreams real if I don’t start by facing the reality I’m in, if I don’t start by taking responsibility for my feelings, my desires, my needs.

Picture: “If dreams could become reality” by © Carf: Children at Risk Foundation

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