Want to make a big difference? Act smaller.

If there’s one thing we should learn from our holistic world view, it’s that we should pay more attention to what’s near us, not to what’s happening at the other side of the world.

We simply can’t control what happens over there. Too often it’s just too far out of reach.

We can, however, control what we do right here. And by changing things here, we might end up changing the world after all in some pretty unexpected ways. Ask the boy / girl who … (you probably know a story of something local going global. Write it down and tell your neighbour about it, or someone else.).

So if you want to be responsible for your actions and be a true global citizen, if you want to care for the world, for the globe, for the environment, then please, take care of yourself and take care of yourself and the world near you.

Get in touch with your smaller world, with the things you touch and get touched by on a daily basis.

When you’ll start doing things differently those are the places where the real change is most likely going to happen, these are the places where most likely you will actually make a difference.

“I have this fear that we aren’t feeling enough as a culture right now. (…) And one of the causes of this I think is, as each of us attempts to build this new kind of holoptical worldview, this holographic image that we’re all trying to create in our mind of the interconnection of things – the environmental footprints of thousand miles away of the things that we buy, of the social consequences ten thousand miles away of the daily decisions that we make as consumers – as we try to build this view and try to educate ourselves about the enormity of our culture, the information we have to work with is these gigantic numbers, things in numbers in the millions, in the hundreds of millions, in the billions and now in the trillions, and these are numbers that our brains don’t have the ability to comprehend. We can’t make meaning out of these enormous statistics.”

Chris Jordan, Picturing Excess, TED TALK 2008

the smallest act

Picture: small boy big trees © Bies

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