Personal branding: Don’t be Billy Joel pt 2

What’s the fun of trying to become Billy Joel? (If you want to know where this Billy Joel reference is coming from, click here to read the first episode of this series, link opens in new window)

Try to be (like) me is the number one marketing decoy of all times.

It’s so successful because it appeals to one of the most primary instincts we have: to try and copy the alfa-male or -female, to be as successful as the most successful member of your tribe in order to improve your chances to survive.

Does this sound familiar?

Just think for a minute about who you’re trying to be (like).

Think about the clothes you wear, the haircut you have, the girlfriend or boyfriend you sleep with, the friends you have, the house and place you live in, the tv-shows you watch, and so on.

Chances are you’re probably trying to be (like) a lot of people at the same time.

I know I am.

I know it’s not really satisfying too.

It probably never will be.

Not until you understand what you stand for. Not until you know what your strategy is.

Copy-branding yourself, dressing up, getting the right friends or haircut, it’s all just tactics.

And it will never make any sense, no matter how hard you try, until you’ve figured out what you really want (your passion) and what your strategy is to make that happen.

After all, you don’t want to be a second Billy Joel, do you?

You want to be you and you want to be admired and respected for who you are.

You want to prove that you know what’s beyond the branding.

You want to understand what really connects people, people like you, your friends and, who knows, Billy Joel.

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One thought on “Personal branding: Don’t be Billy Joel pt 2

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