Survival tip 2: neoteny: why we will survive

In my previous post on flock behaviour I wondered how long we’ll be able to adapt, switching between individual specialism and flock behaviour. My answer today: as long as we’ll have …


“You may not know this word, but it should be your biological first name and last name, because neoteny means the retention of immature qualities into adulthood. And we are by physical anthropologists, by many many studies the most neotenist, the most youthful, the most flexible, the most plastic of all creatures and therefore the most playful. And that gives us a leg up on adaptability.”

Wise words coming from Stuart Brown, founder of The National Institute For Play. Watching his talk at TED made me happy, because I could completely connect with Brown’s ideas on the importance of playing. The beauty of this lecture are the stories brown collected from real life, which hold the evidence of how important play can be for our survival.

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