Personal branding: Don’t be Billy Joel pt 1

“So what the difference makers going to be now, I’m sorry to say, are the people that are going to come up with good ideas and execute and understand how to move the freackin’ needle. That’s how you break through the noise, ‘coz everyone is coming and everybody’s playing. And while everybody has the ability to play the piano not everyone is Billy Joel.”

Gary Vaynerchuk, How do you cut through the noise? (video, opens in new window)

Whatever you think, it’s not important to become Billy Joel.

In fact, there’s no way you can ever be Billy Joel. You can be like Billy Joel, but then again, it depends on who’s judging you.

Why would anyone want to be Billy Joel? Because he was a successful piano player?

Billy Joel was probably successful because he was a great piano player and because he was Billy Joel.

Billy Joel was Billy Joel because of how his world was and how he has made his way into it.

Point is: don’t try to be like somebody. Be the somebody you’re really good at.

Be you, for example.

Thanks @duvalguillaume for the link to Gary’s video.

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3 thoughts on “Personal branding: Don’t be Billy Joel pt 1

  1. I my god, who wants to be like Billy Joel?!! Yikes!

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