Building a dam to stop a river is a bad idea

The more you try to block a river,

the more pressure you’ll meet,

the higher the tide will rise,

the more fatiguing it will become to hold your stand,

the greater the devastation will be when the dam breaks,

the more frightening the prospect of a breaking dam will become,

the more you’ll be willing to sacrifice your energy, yes even your life for something which you can’t keep from happening.

The more life becomes a struggle.

Maybe, maybe change is more about understanding the river.

Maybe change is about clearing the way and allowing things to happen differently.

Maybe change is anything but trying to keep things from happening.

In case you wonder: a dam just broke. That’s what happened.

Picture: When the Levee Breaks, by :© Jessicafm

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2 thoughts on “Building a dam to stop a river is a bad idea

  1. I’m getting there…

  2. Pieter A says:

    Sometimes you have to be on dry land, to understand the river.

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