Are you ‘This Guy’ on twitter?

chris-brogan-this-guySocial Media expert Chris Brogan has a great post on how to avoid being ‘that guy’ in social media.

““That guy” tends to blurt a lot. They talk all about their thing. They re-talk about it all over Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere they can find. They make every second or third blog post a pointer to that thing. They try to find clever ways to weave their thing into your thing. The problem is, we know. We see it. We know what you’re doing. It’s not clever. It’s not subtle. It’s not very picnic-like behavior.”

Brogan uses a pic-nic metaphor. It’s a great read. If you want to experience the power of Listening in using social media like Twitter, this is a must-read.

Brogan also offers a list of 10 ways to build relationships before you ask for anything. Pitty though that he doesn’t explicitly include Listening as one of the 10 ways. But then again if you listen carefully, you’ll notice how much he actually talks about Listening without saying so.

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