Feeling swamped? Stop swallowing. Start tasting.

Remarkable content is like a drug.

It sounds like a quote and it is one. It’s the title of a small post over @bwagy’s blog. Ben Young (that’s his full name) wonders about how addictive remarkable content can be: “It is like a drug, getting great content is like the mouse in the cocaine experiment, he can press a lever for a pellet of cocaine or sugar.  Inevitably he keeps pressing cocaine, as he likes the feeling.”

There is actually scientific information to prove this.

Information dopes your brain

Times reporter John Naish wrote about it in his fantastic book “Enough”. In one chapter called “enough information” Naish writes that understanding something new triggers the release of heroin-like opiates in your brain (source).

Add to that that r
Research also showed that too much communication can get you more disoriented than smoking a joint, hell it can even cost you some IQ-points.

With mass-communication, mass-entertainment, mass-information and mass-whatever-there-is it’s tempting to start devouring instead and forget about tasting.

It’s like all the time you’re standing in front of an all-you-can-eat-buffet. What your brain tells you then is to eat as much as you can. Your brain does so because it wants to prepare you for scarcity. You’d be surprised how much this instinctive reflex can actually make you devour for survival’s sake.

Become a hypersensualist

Do I sound scary now? I hope not.

The trick is to limit the dose and enjoy them as much and as consciously as you can.

You’d be surprised how good you can resist this appetite (for selfdestruction). What I do is get back to the Here and Now and enjoy one piece at a time as much as I can.

Think about it as taking a smaller plate and eating that plate at a much slower pace.

The joy of missing things

Won’t I be starving myself? Won’t I miss out on many joyful things this life, this internet, this world has to offer?


But what if you feel you don’t need them anymore? What if at the end of your meal you’re perfectly happy and satisfied, why would you need all these things you haven’t tasted yet if tasting them now would simply mean you’d be sick for the rest of the week?

Whatever you do, don’t just ‘eat this’

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