Meet Woepie

“it’s not easy..By reading Tristan’s comment I had to think of my teddy bear, which has always been my partner in crime. At least in bed 🙂 . He has always been there. I still use ‘Woepie’ as a pillow in order to be able to read my bedtime book comforatbly , I take it in my arms when my boy friend doesn’t lie next to me. I told him stories when I was sad. I had him married my ‘teddy’ bunny once upon a time. It’s a ‘he’. Not a ’she’ and definetely not an ‘it’. Says enough, I guess :-)”

Meet Woepie, Dorien‘s teddy. Thanks to Woepie, Dorien got herself an OBJECTIFIED T-shirt. Congratulations Dorien!

Thanks for your stories guys (Tristan, DePretmeloen, Jan, Boskabout and dj4am). I really appreciate your feedback.

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