Objectified. Movie about objects + free t-shirt



There’s no such thing as ‘just a thing’. And no, I’m not just another materialistic shopaholic earthwasting consumer trying to get you into buying more stuff for global capitalism’s sake.

Gary Hustwit, director of Helvetica has a new documentary coming out about objects and how we interact with them, how we shape them, how they shape our lives and also, who the people are who design them. The film features interviews with Paola Antonelli (Museum of Modern Art, New York), Chris Bangle (BMW Group, Munich), Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec (Paris), Tim Brown (IDEO), Dan Formosa (Smart Design), David Kelley (IDEO) and many others.

Wonder whether there’ll be a screening around here anytime soon. The trailer doesn’t tell that much, but I’m definitely looking forward to see the movie. You?

While we’re talking about objects, still love the design of a tea spoon. It’s like a pond on a stick, less agressive than a fork or judgemental than a knife, rather a bit introvert and playful in a tender way. A tea spoon is a girl looking over her shoulder while passing you buy and you don’t know whether she’s mocking you or she’s really charmed.

Free objectified t-shirt: what’s your favourite object?

Do you have a favourite object? Or is there any object in particular that puzzles you?

Share your story.

I have one Objectified t-shirt to give away by Monday!

Objectified, the website

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6 thoughts on “Objectified. Movie about objects + free t-shirt

  1. dj4am says:

    A simple song. Two simple songs or maybe some more. In general: music is definitely my favourite object, even if it’s very sophisticated … simple music.

  2. boskabout says:

    A smartphone. A gateway to instant and sometimes pointless (Twitter anyone?) information satisfaction.

    A bed. I like to sleep.

    Food. I like to eat & drink.

    Transportation (bike, car, train, plane, …). So I can meet people.

    Power plant. I prefer wind mills, water mills and nuclear reactors (and perhaps bio-mass fueled reactors too) for being the cleaner ones around (IMHO). It’s an enabler for most of the things we do.

    Pick one of the above (they’re in random order). 🙂

  3. My favourite object would be a ring. As I long for one. The kind I would never take off. 😉

  4. Dorien says:

    it’s not easy..By reading Tristan’s comment I had to think of my teddy bear, which has always been my partner in crime. At least in bed :-). He has always been there. I still use ‘Woepie’ as a pillow in order to be able to read my bedtime book comforatbly , I take it in my arms when my boy friend doesn’t lie next to me. I told him stories when I was sad. I had him married my ‘teddy’ bunny once upon a time. It’s a ‘he’. Not a ‘she’ and definetely not an ‘it’. Says enough, I guess 🙂

  5. Tristan Rayner says:

    My favourite object is my pet dog. Nothing is better than the complete and utter love that your dog has for you. Even when you’re busy, flat out, and stressed, they can look up at you with the I Love You look and pant – all you can do is go …Aww!

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