It’s a small world, but sometimes you might want to make it smaller

“The secret to being the best in the world is to make the ‘world’ smaller.”

Seth in his latest post. I couldn’t agree more.

Seth’s post adds another piece to my puzzle. Not missing the point-of-no-return and being in the present as much as you can is in fact making your world so small again that it fits you, that you get in touch again with reality.

Am I shying away from being ambitious, from daydreaming, from creativity?

I once read a story about a giant puppeteer, written by Paul Snoek, a famous Belgian poet who died à la James Dean in 1981 at the age of 48. This guy is fond of his giant yet he loses touch with life. People don’t recognize him in real life. He’s a different person inside the giant than he is without it. Utter loneliness is his fate. The only consolation he has is when he can hide in his dream, in his bigger than life persona which he desperately tries to personify. After a while life is all about living up to the giant instead of living a great life. Or, it’s all about being Superman instead of being superbly human.

Real creativity doesn’t come from giants. Real creativity is what grows from a small seed and turns into a gigantic tree, or perhaps just a small flower that alters the face of an entire landscape, who knows.

Slowing down, making your world a bit smaller, it’s all about finding the right people to talk to, the people who appreciate your gift, who make your willingness to share worthwhile.

This is no world for giants. But there’s always room for great people.

And maybe, a small world is all you need to discover your greatness.

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