Can you connect the dots?

Four quotes. Four different authors. Four different pieces. Four different subjects.

And still, can you connect the dots and complete the drawing?

“In my mind we were never really in the future until we hit that edge — and now we have — and because of this, everything we sense in 2009 is going to be new, but that’s what the future was always supposed to be about.” (Douglas Coupeland, Back on Walton’s Mountain, NYTimes 27 January 2009)

“So here’s the idea: what if we did a better job quantifying the positive impact of things like a kid who goes to college instead of ending up on the streets; someone who ends up with a productive, paying job instead of on welfare; a person who kicks a drug habit instead of staying a junkie on the street? No doubt you could round up a set of econometricians to quantify the social value of each of these outcomes just like you can figure out that the Yankees will make a few hundred million more in profits if they win the World Series.” (Sasha Dichter, Learning from Teixeira’s $180M contract)

“The question isn’t, “how do you do the trick?” The question is, “do you feel like doing the work, taking the risk, making a stand and getting it done?” If you don’t know how to do the trick, go look it up. Get a tutor. Figure it out. That’s the easy part.” (Seth Godin, In the mood)

Coupland txt and Jarmusch poem via: Crusty

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