Free book: read to discontinue

Tell me how, according to you, life is going to change in 2009. The author of the most promising and inspiring comment receives a free copy of Mark Earl’s book on Herd marketing.

Be aware.

Your life is about to be discontinued.

Over at his Herd blog Mark Earls did an intriguing prediction about 2009: “this year is the one when everything is going to change”.

Easy to mock, hard to deny.

I admire Earls. Because he is so devoted to and passionate about human nature. Because he still manages to look at human life with awe.

When reading Earls you kind of know that what you know about life is that nothing is what it seems. And so is his prediction about 2009.

Further on in the post he clarifies his point:

“IMHO it’s not going to be a matter of evolving: we’re approaching a discontinuity, a singular moment, after which everything will be different.”

What will this singularity be? Maybe you know it.

So here’s my question to you:

If this year there would be one discontinuity in your life, what would it be? If there would be such a singular moment, what would happen?

Remember, from now on, everything is possible.

As a reward, I’ll send tThe author of the most promising and inspiring comment receives a copy of Mark Earls’ book on Herd marketing.

(Hint: go wild and stay true to yourself :-)).

By the way, thanks Mark for discontinuing my view on human behavior.

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