I wish you You


When it comes to love I’m not quite the Casanova.

Still, I want to give you a piece of advice that changed my life and that of many others before me.

Here it comes:

You don’t go looking for someone to complete yourself.

You go looking for someone because you have something to share.

When I was looking for love, I was looking for someone to make me feel better.

And I wondered, if I would find that person, would I be able to make her feel complete as well?

Eight years ago I have found someone.

And to be honest, at first, I found her for the wrong reason.

I truly believed that being with her would finally make me feel good about myself.

It didn’t.

Why? Turned out she wasn’t the one who could make me feel better.

But she did show me something that would change my life forever.

She showed me how delightful it is to be yourself, to trust yourself, to be proud about who you are and what you do.

At times I found it hard not to envy her. At times I even tried to make her feel less proud about herself.

Not a nice thing to do, I know.

Still though, she stuck with me.

Because deep down, she believed in me.

And step by step, by persisting in doing what she is best at, she helped me change.

Not by adding something to magical my life, but by giving me the space, the support, the love and the confidence to grow and become the person I had been so desperately looking for.


I’m glad I’ve found her. And I’m glad I’ve found myself.

And I’m glad I’m becoming a person who’s – just like her – able to share one of the greatest things there is:

a love, for life.

If one thing can make you feel complete, it’s your ability to share.

For 2009 I have only one thing to wish you and that is You.

I wish you may find yourself and truly love yourself for who You are.

Because you add something to this world which is worth sharing.

But that can only be true if you start believing that yourself.

If I have a mission in life, it’s this: I’m here to make to help you find youself and to love yourself in order to allow you and others to make the most out of this precious thing called life.

So here’s to You.



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4 thoughts on “I wish you You

  1. yeahisaidthat says:

    Interesting experience. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lamazone says:

    Thank you for your sweet words. It’s rare to see someone so open and giving.

    Don’t be fooled by my words: it took me 7 years to get here.

  3. Hannes says:

    Dear Lamazone,

    I think you’ve made a brave decision because more than often I find it hard to recognize what I want in the first place. When I do recognize it I don’t know whether people will respect it or not.

    But I’ve come to realize that people respect your feelings when you manage to express them as ‘truly yours’. And the more you refrain from demanding and the more you start making genuine respect, the easier it is for people to meet these requests.

    You’re a wonderful person Lamazone, a gift in itself.


  4. lamazone says:

    It moved me.

    I lost someone, or better: I let her go. Because we were not being ourselves, but trying to be what we thought the other wanted us to be.

    When I was travelling I found that I wanted to be nobody else but myself.

    So I owe it to myself to be with someone who loves me for me and with whom I want to be the best possible me I can be.

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