Enough. About politicians who don’t know their place.

This text is the English translation of a piece I wrote in response to the latest political news in my country. You can read more about that here, here,and here.

It’s dishonorable and disgraceful to see how members of the government, the presidents of their parties and the parties themselves try to claim and hold on to something that doesn’t belong to them.

It were the people of this country who gave them the mandate to take up a seat in parliament. It were the people of this country who – through the elected members of parliamant – gave the ministers the mandate to be a minister and act like one.

You, my dearest politicians, have abused the power that we have temporarily given you.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve personally accomplished so far, or whatever merit you or your party are supposed to have for our community. Whatever your position is, you’ve obtained it by virtue of the people who were willing to support you.

Do you realize what that means?

The show you’ve put on over the last couple of months and especially over the last few days have clearly shown that you’ve at least partially become alienated from the essence of our society and our democratic beliefs.

Even now you can’t return what doesn’t belong to you to its rightful owners.

You’ve maltreated our country for over more than a year now. You’ve severely damaged the gift you’ve been given, a valuable society of very valuable people.

When a child breaks the toys he received from its parents because he doesn’t use them in the right way, the parents take the toy away or they make him take responsibility for what he has done and give him a chance to fix things.

You’ve had many chances to fix what you’ve broken.

And self-indulgent as you are you’ve even done more harm to our state and our country.

I’m deeply ashamed for the display of so much immaturity.

I’m deeply ashamed that we haven’t been able to avoid this, that it had to come this far to realize how bad this is.

But I also believe that we’ll move on, no matter what. And we’ll grow stronger.

And please, don’t consider yourself to be that important.

You lie and you threaten our society when you make them believe that they can’t succeed without you.

You deceive us when you say that it’s in our country’s best interest that you remain in charge, while it is pretty obvious – and please, be honest, for once – that it’s all about your personal interests in the first place.

Your power, your status, your ideas, your ego.

Make no mistake. This country, these people, we will rebuild our society.

And we will do it with our without you.

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