The day print media ends. So what?

What would the print media come up with if they were about to lose 99% of their market share by the end of this year?

Want to know your core value? Imagine that you’re about to lose almost everything. And then start building from scratch.

What’s left, is what people can’t take away from you. What’s left is what makes you you. It’s what sets you apart from the others. It’s something nobody can destroy (but you).

And that, precisely that is your stronghold, that’s the seed of your success.

All over the world the print media and especially the newspapers are having a very hard time.

With the crisis threatening to wipe some of the most prestigious newspapers out, the need for alternatives becomes more and more urgent.

But what are we looking for? Are we looking for alternatives that will allow us to continue using print media? Or are we really going to the core of what print media is all about and start from there to build something entirely new?

Do we dare to go that far?

I think we should.

I think we should imagine the day every printed newspaper is about to disappear from the planet. I think we should imagine what would be next. If we can, then I believe we’ll have found a viable sollution for the current print media crisis.

My inspiration for this post.

Spreading less high margin wealth means the old model is dead.  It died a long time ago, we’re just rolling in the bodies now.

Well, dude, what’s the answer?  how do we save it?

We don’t. We can’t. (source)

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