Do you truly believe in faith or in religion?

“What if people live by the materialisation of someone/something else’s truth? Their (material) goal is made of expectectations, without knowing how to accomplish that goal, because of a lack of vision. Would you call that an absolute truth as well?”

Great question Pieter.

What shapes your truth?

Is it your faith or your religion?

Martin Luther King said:
‘I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”‘

I share his faith in mankind.

But when somebody tells me all men should pray 5 times a day and wash their hands before diner and keep their wives at home in order to realize this dream, I disagree with him.

Not because we don’t share the same faith but we don’t share the same religion.

In short, we disagree upon the way to make this vision (or dream) come true.

When people get obsessed with religion, they tend to forget what their faith was all about.

True faith challenges every follower to try and come up with an answer to the question: ‘how will you make this happen?’.

Martin Luther King challenged all Americans by saying that one day all men and women would be regarded as being equal.

He said: “yes we can” and he more or less showed his followers a way of how to accomplish this, e.g. his way.

The life he lead was an indication of how one could make this dream come true.

Things go wrong when people think we should all become clones of Martin Luther King in order to realize his dream.

We should be like Martin Luther King in the sense that we should share the same faith, perhapse share some morals and values, but we shouldn’t attempt miming him.

That would turn us into religious fanatics for whom obeying the rules is at the heart of their faith.

So if you talk about people living by the materialisation of someone else’s truth, I think you’re referring to people like religious fanatics.

Their truth is absolute as well in the sense that it affects the way these people live. It affects the way they communicate with other people and it affects the way they shape their future. It’s absolutely there.

But for them it’s absolute in the sense that it’s the only truth so they don’t value other personal truths and they certainly don’t believe that different personal truths can strengthen their faith.

It’s typical for religious fanatics to refer to deviant views as dangerous and as an attempt to weaken their faith.

Yet these views usually don’t attack their faith, they attack the religious expression of their faith.

I refuse to say that the truth of religious fanatics is in any way less absolute than every other personal truth.

Because if I’d do that, then I’d be a fanatic myself, religiously claiming that there can only be one truth and that’s that there are as many truths as there are people on this planet and every other truth is nonsense.

Whatever truth you believe in, you’ll live by it.

Whether it makes you happy or not, whether you’re doing as you’re told or you’re always going your own way, doesn’t matter.

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