Why youtube may not be my tube anymore

“This video is not available in your country”. Meaning: people who uploaded their video to youtube don’t want to share it with you since you live in a different country.

I got the message when I was trying to find a video of Blink 182’s All the small things.

This doesn’t feel right.

Especially because it comes from the website which promised to make all uploaded content available to me, wherever it came from. If it was public in the states, it was public everywhere.

The core value of Youtube was You being able to share your videos with the whole world.

After all, it was you tubing to the world. That was the concept, that was what made the idea so powerful.

Ok, you could restrict your audience, add an age limit or keep videos to your inner circle.

That was just fine for me.

But what I cannot accept is that Youtube offers me stuff which I cannot view because I’m not living in the right country.

It’s so un-youtube to keep the world out.

Why did you guys do that? Who decided that this decision would add value to your brand? And for what reason?

You just cannot pretend to be the herobrand of the global freedom the internet is all about. And then overnight allow your users to reinstate geographical boundaries again

It’s so not you, youtube. Or rather, so not me.

I kind of liked connecting with your brand because I liked being connected to the idea of a global community, willing to share their thoughts with the rest of the world.

I liked the idea that I’d get the chance to discover things that were geographically beyond my reach.

I liked the idea of no physical boundaries.

So if you’re saying “This video is not available in your country”, I see that boundary again. I feel that boundary again.

As much as you’ve made the idea of one community real, you’ve now made this idea of obtrusive geographical boundaries real again.

And that is not like me. That’s not what I like. That’s not what I want to be associated with.

So if that’s what your brand is willing to be about today, that’s fine.

But it’s not my brand anymore.

It’s not the brand anymore that used to make me feel like a hero, that used to make me feel like being part of today’s largest global community.

Not the brand that made me proud of being connected to it.

That connection is lost.

I hope it comes back one day. I sincerely do.

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One thought on “Why youtube may not be my tube anymore

  1. Sarah says:

    I feel exactly the same, and the thing is, I am from the UK, and it just annoys me that the songs that were made here, I cant see it, God knows why!

    Youtube your business is gonna feel the crunch veryy veryy soon, you’d come crawling back!

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