Small things and big stories


A lot of people are frustrated because they are ‘misunderstood’. A lot of people feel that there qualities aren’t appreciated as such or that they are undervalued. Maybe these people should try to look at themselves as a brand. Ask themselves “What’s your big story? How does your existence makes the existence of others more meaningful?” (Guillaume Van der Stichelen, my translation)

Great women and men can say great things with little words.

This is a great thing.

It’s confronting, because yes, I do feel frustrated sometimes.

To be honest, I know what Guillaume Van der Stichelen is talking about.

And when I read these words on his website today, they kind of swept me off my feet.

What is my big story? How am I making other people’s lives more meaningful?

Often I find myself trying to answer these questions with a ‘big answer’.

But big answers don’t need big words.

They need small words and small actions. And the truer these are, the bigger their impact, the more meaningful they will be to other people.

So if anybody asks me again what my big story is, I think I’ll start with how I learn to appreciate the so-called small things in life.

Like being paying attention to the people around me, the people’s whose love I might take for granted too easily. Or try not to lose my temper or say harsh things to people who don’t deserve it. Don’t give myself such a hard time maybe.

For all I know there’re a lot of wonderful people in front of me, a lot of wonderful things happening around me. And it would be a terrible waste if I wouldn’t pay them the respect they deserve.

It’s not about taking the big leap. It’s about taking the small step. For me. And we all know what a small step can do to mankind, don’t we.

Visit Guillaume’s website

Buy and read his new book (in Dutch)

The original quote, in Dutch

Veel mensen lopen gefrustreerd rond omdat ze “verkeerd begrepen” worden. Veel mensen hebben het gevoel dat hun kwaliteiten miskend of onderschat worden. Dan is het goed dat ze zichzelf eens als merk bekijken. Wat is je grote verhaal? Welke zin geeft jouw bestaan aan het bestaan van anderen? (Guillaume Van der Stichelen,

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