Can you have the internet build you an eco-home?

huis001You know Christophe Cop?

You should. (That is to say, if you’re interested in inspiring people who know how to spread an idea or two or three or …)

Together with three friends Cop has started IWE, Ideas Worth Executing. Yes indeed, sounds like the subtitle of TED, which is Ideas Worth Spreading. Not a coincidence as Cop told me yesterday.

What Cop and his friends do? They organize diners. People who are invited can bring their projects to the table where they are discussed in small groups. The goal is to provide new ideas on how to develop your ideas.

How does IWE select ideas? The basic principle is a triple Win or W3: IWE wins, you win and society wins.

“Why diners?”, you may ask.

“Because it’s an important social event.” Cop, who holds a master of science in statistics and a masters degree in psychology, definitely knows a thing or two about social interaction and social intelligence.

And IWE proves this.

In fact, IWE is also a non-virtual example of Triiibes, the online leadership community initiated by Seth Godin and built by over 3,000 enthousiasts from all over the world.

In Triiibes, people also brought something to the table which in this case was a website. We also organized ourselves in project groups. Some worked, some didn’t. Some ideas took of, and others never spread.

The W3-principle was also there. With every successful project, Triiibes won, its members won (credibility, knowledge, experience), you won (you realized your goals, you fulfilled your destiny as a leader, you got to know more about yourself and about the people around you, …) and you contributed something to society (not only your project as such, but you were trained in social skills, in spreading ideas, in marketing the things we need the most).

Want to know more about Christophe Cop?

Check out his new project: The site looks a bit crappy right now, but Cop told me a new site is coming up any time soon.

What’s this about? Christophe wants to build an eco-house. But he wants to design, develop and build it together with you.

Why is this a great idea? is an open source creativity lab where a whole range of designers can help overcome all kinds of challenges that may result in developing an new generation of eco-houses and environmentally friendly technologies.

It’s also a great opportunity to gather and share knowledge and to put them to practice, to make them real. I wonder if Cop has already found some one to provide him with the money needed to execute some of the ideas.

On top of that, it’s a great social experiment. Cop has challenged his community by addressing a current and urgent need: how can we build a more sustainable, more affordable home, and how can we build it together?

What are you waiting for.

Go visit the guy. Spread the word. And build the house.

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