My gift to you

When it comes to talking and thinking about truth I easily get caught between absolute and relative.

It seems like there is no room for any alternative. You’re either right or wrong.

And there’s no such thing as a relative truth because relative would imply that it’s just you making something up.

And where would the world be if we were all making up our own truths?

Exactly where it is now.

My truth is the honest expression of my worldview. It is thoroughly connected to who I am, where I come from, where I am right now.

And so is yours I guess.

A person’s truth is a gift. It’s what he or she brings into this world.

It’s the branding to the product we call life.

For that, it has an absolute value. And it is only relative in the sense that it is related to you. It’s relative in the sense that it says: “I’m absolutely here, right here right now.”

And there’s no point in denying it.

It makes me wonder. How much are you your truth? How close do you feel to your worldview?

And also: how good are you at giving? And how good are you at receiving the gifts of others?

I’ll answer these questions in another post. But in the mean time: feel free to have a go at them.

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2 thoughts on “My gift to you

  1. Hannes says:

    Well said! And a great question as well!

  2. Pieter A says:

    You can share your thoughts because you live in the moment and everything is relative to this ‘now’, which makes it absolute. You can go out and create goals out of your truth. That makes it possible for you to generously share your authentic vision.
    What if people live by the materialisation of someone/something else’s truth? Their (material) goal is made of expectectations, without knowing how to accomplish that goal, because of a lack of vision. Would you call that an absolute truth as well?

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