Don’t confuse when with why

Dazed and Confused by JSarcadia

Dazed and Confused by JSarcadia

What happens when you confuse “when” with “why”?

At the Creativity World Forum, one speaker gave a presentation on why 2.0 would change our businesses.

One of her final slides was entitled:

“When can my organisation use Social Networks?”

On the slide were things like:

  • To generate ideas internally or externally about possible new products (crowdsourcing)
  • To shorten salescycle
  • To gain an audience (PR, politics, non profit, arts, …)

This is not so much an answer to When as to Why.

Why you should use social networks is indeed because they can do all these things which are listed above.

But that will only happen when

  • you have something to say
  • which people are willing to listen to
  • because it adds something meaningful to their lives

If I have all the tools at hand and still have nothing to say or don’t know who to talk to first, I will never get people to listen or “follow” me. No social network-tool will be able to avoid that.

Still, a lot of so-called experts don’t go beyond handing you the tools promising you that they will do the trick.

And that’s fine.

What’s not is that they fail to make you realize what you need to make them work.

To use them strategically instead of tactically.

What’s not is that while craving for an easy way to get attention we make it actually harder for ourselves to succeed.

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