the system to deal with life

There’s no system for discovering what life is all about.

I already wrote about the importance of recognizing the moment when life reveals something important to you. And how that’s something every one of us can and should do because its our creative responsibility to do so.

I have to disappoint you.

There’s actually no system for getting this information, for finding it.

Luckily for you, we’ve already developed many ways for discovering what life is about, whether it is yoga or neuroscience, poetry or literary criticism, sports or sex, love or war, language and music, you name it.

Whatever system you pick, it won’t work until you’re prepared to challenge the boundaries you’re coming accross, until you’re prepared to recognize and change the preconceptions of the system you’re dealing with.


Whatever you do: trust yourself. Trust your passion. If you do, the system will automatically challenge you.

It will raise questions. If you come accross one, don’t fool yourself in trying to answer it at once.

Think about it. Appreciate it. Don’t feel threatened (trust me, you will). Have cold feet and appreciate it because that’s how you know that there’s something here which matters.

It’s not just about being quick. It’s not about being the fastest to answer.

It’s about listening properly. And coming up with the greatest answer ever heard.

PS: your answer might be around for ages, but it might have never been heard the way you tell it

PS2: basically, you being there and living your life is probably one of the best answers you can come up with.

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