We don’t need more creative people

wcf2008andersonWe don’t need more creative people.

We need people to be more creative.

Every one of us has to take his or her full creative responsibility.

And today, we’re not.

Do we all have to become Einsteins then?

Not everyone of you has te be an inventor. But what about being a finder rather than an inventor?

Everybody can find stuff, everybody can discover something meaningful about life. All it takes is

  • passion
  • faith
  • respect
  • a willingness to play
  • a willingness to listen
  • time

There’s a very dangerous misconception about creativity and that is that in order to be creative you have to create something, you have to come up with something new.

That’s so plain wrong.

It’s far more important to notice when something new arises.

It’s far more important to make that idea, that insight, that invention known to the world, to explore it, develop it.

You know that a lot of people utter the greatest things about life without even knowing it? You know people have the greatest skills without even realizing this?

Nowadays people abuse creativity to get rid of their creative responsibility.

What we’ll end up with is a world shouting out loud that it needs more creative people while not giving creativity a chance at the same time.

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2 thoughts on “We don’t need more creative people

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