How to compete with Microsoft (and other giants)

How did Bill Gates start building the Microsoft empire?

By building 1 PC.


Nowadays, competing with Microsoft seems virtually impossible.

In fact, no one has the means to build an imperium at once as big and as viable as Microsoft’s.

Changing the world looks a lot like competing with Microsoft.


But changing the world doesn’t mean creating a different world at once.

Change happens by spreading your idea one person at a time.


Not every one at the same time.

When he or she supports you, they will most likely connect to other people, and so on.

That’s when something is changing.

That’s when your movement becomes visible.

That’s when you start competing with giants like Microsoft (if you’re in the same business).

That’s also when you realize: every one of us can make a difference.

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2 thoughts on “How to compete with Microsoft (and other giants)

  1. hannes says:

    You’re absolutely right.

    Change is about the small actions indeed.

    That’s also the idea behind the butterfly effect:

  2. Batist says:

    But your primary goal doesn’t have to be changing the world, your primary goal should rather be finding one, two, more people who support your idea. And most important don’t think about changing the world, but start building a pc. Change doesn’t start with big words, but with small actions.

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